Chemeketa Community College

Chemeketa Community College is one of the finest of Oregon in the field of academics. The college operates its admin works from the main campus in Salem along with its other smaller campuses in Dallas, McMinnville, Woodburn and Brooks. The Northwest Viticulture Center of the institute is located in Eola.
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The academic programs offered here are the best in the industry to make a mark in respective professional fields. Faculty of the College gives total dedication to each and every student for their improvement. Co-curriculum is also given distinctive attention, that helps in personality building of the students. The college already shapes about 5000 students into their best form to achieve their respective goals in life.

Chemeketa Community College Location

Chemeketa Community College is located at the northeastern 4000 Lancaster Drive in Salem, Oregon.

Chemeketa Community College History

Chemeketa Community College began in west Salem elementary school. The Community College was started when the Salem Public Schools started the Salem Technical Vocational School in the year 1955 with only ten students enrolled. In 1964, the school shifted its location to the current location in Lancaster drive. Later a competition was held where the entries for the new name of the college to be given. In December 1969, the Board of Education approved of the name Chemeketa which means peaceful gathering place. Distant education through online studies was first introduced by the Chemeketa community College in Oregon.

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Wildlife Safari, Winston

Wildlife Safari in Oregon is home to more than 500 animals which are seen roaming freely like they do in the wild. Wildlife Safari Oregon is one of the most admired and known safari parks of the United States where the Park is dedicated to the 700-505
conservation of the wildlife. The caretakers of the Park make sure that the safari park has been kept as natural as possible for the animals. Unlike the other parks where petting of the animals is common, the animals in this park are not declawed so that the animals are at their natural behavior and instinct. The cheetah breeding program held in the park is known internationally.

Wildlife Safari Entrance Picture Picture 1 - Wildlife Safari Winston

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Drift Creek Falls

Drift Creek Falls takes you through a worldly experience up close and personal with the nature. Enjoy the amazing trail as you cross the creek along a suspended bridge through the canopy of the forest, overlooking the gushing waterfall. As you walk through the bridge one can get a bird’s eye view of the creek and the Coast Range Forest and the waterfall gushing from the top of the creek. Drift Creek Trial carries you away to that special place where it’s your imagination travels and you follow. Continue reading Drift Creek Falls

Sea Lion Caves, Oregon

Sea Lion Caves Introduction

Recorded by the Guinness World Record as the largest sea caves, the sea lion caves has been carved by the costal water surge for 70-480 several thousand years. It is a cave c

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onnected to the Pacific Ocean and the only access to the cave for human being is through a gift shop. The cave is a sanctuary, rather a home for hundreds of sea lions and sea birds. It is a wonderful sight to see when the sea lions come out on the ledges of the rock during spring and summer.


Sea Lion Caves, Oregon

Picture 1: Sea Lion Cave


Sea Lion Caves Location

Any one passing through the Highway 101 would definitely notice the sea lion cave which is located at the western side of the highway. The cave is around 11 miles further from Florence Oregon or 38 miles on the southern side of Newport.

Sea Lion Caves Oregon History

It is estimated that it must have taken around 25 million years for the formation of this cave. On a calm day, a local sea man, Captain William Coz entered the grotto through the western channel and discovered the Sea lion Cave. There was a day during his frequent visits to the cave that he got stuck inside for several days due to stormy weather. He survived on the meat of the flipper of a young sea lion. Later he purchased the land from the State of Oregon in the year 1887. Till 1926 when he and his heirs owned the property, there were no road links to the area.

Later in 1927 R. E. Clanton acquired the land and his intention was to open a business there. When the Highway 101 was planned along that route, in 1930, J. E. Jacobson and J. G. Houghton decided to join Clanton as partners and the three of them had a task of building a safe access to the caves. They risked everything they had to do so and were finally successful in building a safe access to the cave for the visitors. In August 1932, the Sea Lion Caves were open to the public.

The Sea Lion Caves were a great attraction for the people all over and it went well till the World War 2 broke out in 1942. Meanwhile Clanton withdrew from the partnership and since then the other two families and their successions mange the caves as a private responsibility.

Inside the Sea Lion Cave

Picture 2:  view inside the Sea lion Cave

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