Lowell Farms Cafe

The first of its kind. An instant classic. Making history. Game-changing. 

Lowell Farms Cafe is America’s first cannabis restaurant offering food, and safe cannabis consumption using Lowell Farms own organically grown cannabis. Southern California eagerly awaits the Lowell Farms Café opening (currently slated for October 1, 2019). Popularity is skyrocketing for the first cannabis consumption lounge where not only can you smoke or vape cannabis safely, but you can also enjoy the farm-to-table experience crafted by the Lowell Herb Company and Lowell Farms.

Lowell Farms Cafe: Paving the Way and Setting the Standard

It took a minute to sort through California’s legalities of cannabis related businesses, but Lowell Farms Café has carefully constructed a first of its kind cannabis experience. This cafe is designed to answer the question of, “Where is it safe to smoke and vape now that marijuana is legal?”

Enter West Hollywood! They entrusted Lowell Farms to properly introduce a legitimate place to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere while enjoying cannabis. Using originality and innovation, paving the way as a leader in the industry, Lowell Farms has stepped up to the plate and taken every legal turn carefully. All with the support of West Hollywood and its diverse community rich in culture.

Making sure they were meeting all laws, Lowell Farms Cafe took about 20,000 square feet and constructed three different sections holding two different businesses. This is not your typical café, with a section that does not allow cannabis consumption, but does allow ordering food and serving non-alcoholic drinks. Another section of the café allows cannabis edibles, smoking and vaping, while a third section equipped with an outdoor garden, plush scenery, and calm ambience invite conversation.

Curious but never tried cannabis? No problem! Explore this revolutionary café and rely upon the guidance from the growers and harvesters at Lowell Farms. From connoisseurs to newcomers, visiting is almost like being an exclusive member to an upscale, social club, sans the dreaded monthly fees. Plan an event or stay past 10pm for shows and nightlife.

Have a “Flower Host” specialized in each strain give advice on the perfect menu pairings, meticulously crafted by chef Andrea Drummer. The well-known chef, who has worked with cannabis creations since 2011, has cooked for celebrities, and appeared (and won!) on Netflix’s original show Cooking on High. She will suggest menu item pairings that enhance Lowell Farm strains, making perfect combinations that will heighten your senses and celebrate your taste buds. Lowell Farms Cafe will serve smoothies, juices, and coffees and a seasonally changing flower menu. You can enjoy your favorite Lowell Farms strain in the café, while the host rolls your table a joint.

Featuring the highest-quality cannabis flowers, vapes, pre-packaged edibles, concentrates, and extracts, cafe patrons can also find their favorites on Lowell Farms website at https://www.lowellfarms.com. You can order pre-rolled packs ranging from one to seven grams in Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains – all pesticide-free, organically grown Lowell herbs. They also carry CBD products that are sure to relax and ease pain.

For a unique, groundbreaking experience, find Lowell Farms Cafe in West Hollywood at 1201 North La Brea Avenue. Be part of the journey at this trendy, upscale establishment – naturally, history in the making.