At the moment, there is a constant war between two services: cable services and streaming services. Cables have been around for quite a few decades now while streaming services have just come into being. Both of them has gained a very important position in society and there is constant competition between the two of them. Well, both streaming TV and cable TV has got a lot to offer to the customers. They will keep you and your family entertained all the time but which one should you actually opt for? In order to clear things up, we have come up with certain points of comparison for our readers. These pointers will help you to understand the benefits as well as the disadvantages of both cable TV and streaming TV so that you can take your decision accordingly.

Streaming TV versus Cable TV:

Most people are not aware of the differences between streaming TV and cable TV. Cable service providers have a network of flexible cables through which they offer different TV channels to the houses. They are quite reliable but you will have to pay the price for their reliability as well. Cable TV services offer the users immense satisfaction.

Streaming TV services, on the other hand, offer dynamic content to the customers over the internet. You will be able to watch streaming TV on the television as well as on smart devices. However, a high-speed internet connection is required for such a service. These services are, however, cheaper than most cable services.

Channel selection:

Cable TV services offer you over 200 to 300 channels in their packages. However, in the case of streaming TV services, you only get around 100 channels. So, when it comes to channel selection, cable TV is the one for you. Although streaming TV services are also trying to close this gap by offering different types of channels to the customers, they still have a very long way to go. In the case of cable TV, the rcn channel lineup is also quite extraordinary.

A drawback of streaming TV services is that they are not able to provide live sports channels to the customers. This is a major turn down for sports lovers who love to watch different kinds of sports events on their TV from time to time.

Service availability:

Streaming TV providers provide content from all around the world t the people. It does not have any kind of geographical limitations. As long as you have a very good internet connection, you will be able to enjoy the services in an uninterrupted way. Cable TV is, however, for limited geographical locations only. You will be able to enjoy cable TV services only if your area has a cable network. That is why people living in remote locations mostly prefer live streaming services because of the unavailability of the cable network.


Well, when it comes to cost, cable TV services are more expensive and you need to pay quite a large sum of amount if you wish to enjoy all those services. Streaming TV services are relatively cheaper. However, both the services have different plans and packages and you can choose your plan depending on your needs and requirements. Some service providers also offer you customisation options. You will easily be able to customise your plans and get the services that you require.

Contract commitment:

Cable TV providers can bind you into a contract. This contract may extend up to one year after which your package rate will steeply increase. So, if you have chosen a cable TV service for yourself, you will have to clearly ask your service provider about the price that you need to pay once the contract gets over. Most streaming TV services do not have such bonds. They do not lock you into any kind of contract. You will be able to stop your subscription anytime you want to. This makes it a better choice as compared to cable TV services.

Customer demographics:

According to various surveys, cable TV is still the most popular option among people. However, the viewpoint is continuously changing. The younger generations are becoming more attracted to live streaming services these days. Live streaming services are also trying to fill in the gap and bring about more channels and options for the people yet cable TV is still the preferred choice over the two. They are most popular among sports enthusiasts who love watching live sports events on their TV.

To end with:

And this was all about cable TV and streaming TV services. We hope we were able to make you aware of all the benefits of both these services. So, keep these points in mind and make your decision accordingly. Happy Watching!